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Meredith Collins - Publisher

Meredith spent 25 years in the newspaper industry working for small, medium, and large newspapers in a variety of positions including sales, marketing, distribution, production, management, and publishing. She has published small community newspapers in Alabama as well as military newspapers at Camp Lejeune, NC and Fort Hood, TX. While she earned a degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina, she never had the opportunity to write professionally until she started her own magazine. Next Door Neighbors provides a creative outlet for someone who is a self-described "jack of all trades, but master of none". Meredith wears many hats as the publisher of a small magazine - writer, editor, proofreader, salesperson, graphic designer, photographer, bookkeeper, and office manager.

Her most important role, however, is to find and utilize the astounding creative talent that has made the magazine popular.

Greg Lilly is the editor of Williamsburg’s Next Door Neighbors. He is the former managing editor for Sedona Home & Garden magazine (Sedona, Arizona). He is a novelist, graphic designer, writing instructor and publishing house representative. His work has appeared in magazine and media outlets such as Southwest Art magazine, Western Art & Architecture, Arizona Collector’s Guide, Cowboys & Indians magazine and Art Talk.
Joe Collins - Managing Editor
Al White - Copy Editor  Al is a retired electrical engineer who lives in Lynchburg, VA with his wife, June. He has an avid interest in technology and the internet, and his keen eye and attention to detail provide him with the tools to catch grammatical errors, typos, and many other mistakes within the pages of Next Door Neighbors that are critical during the production phase. He is not only the copy editor for Next Door Neighbors, but he is also Meredith's father. 

Lisa Cumming Photographer
Corey Miller Photographer
Anne Conkling Account Executive
Alison Johnson Writer
Linda Phelps Writer
Sandy Rotermund Writer
Brandy Centolanza Writer
Sue Etherton Graphic Designer
Carol Evans Administrative
Gay Forloine Distribution
Ginger White Proofing
Leppdesign Website Editor
Rachel Sapin Writer
Lillian Stevens Writer
Ryan JonesWriter
Erin Kelly Writer
Natalie Miller-Moore Writer
Narielle Living Writer
Cathy Welch Writer
Michael Helink Writer
Nicole Puskar Writer
Susannah Livingston Writer
Wynne Bowman Writer
For more information, contact Meredith Collins, Publisher, at (757) 560-3235 or meredith@williamsburgneighbors.com
Next Door Neighbors is published by Collins Group, LLC PO Box 5152 � Williamsburg, VA 23188 www.WilliamsburgNeighbors.com